How to Grow Long Hair

Tips and Tricks:

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#1. Take Folic Acid and Biotin.
These are over the counter vitamins that you can find at almost any drugstore!
They are both essential building blocks in the growth of your hair, and should increase your hair’s growth rate.
I bought 800 MCG Folic Acid and 1000 MCG Biotin at CVS Pharmacy for only 12 dollars.

My Routine: I take one of each, every day, preferably with a meal.

#2. Use a wide-tooth comb.
Comb out your hair using a wide-tooth comb, not a regular paddle brush, especially when your hair is wet.
This will prevent damage and breakage that a normal bristle brush inflicts on wet hair, when it’s in its most fragile and breakable state.

My Routine: After showering, I wrap my hair in a towel for about 10 minutes, then carefully brush it out with a wide-tooth comb, starting from the bottom up.

#3. Wash your hair less.
The natural oils in our scalp are good for hair, and washing these oils out every day causes damage.
Even if your hair is oily, go as long as you can stand without using shampoo.
I have thin hair, and if I don’t shower everyday I can’t wear my hair down, so I feel your pain! those of you that can go longer without a shower are lucky, so take advantage of that!

My Routine: I shower every other day, and wear my hair up on the days when my hair feels oily.

#4. Get a regular trim.
Cutting a 1/4 inch off the ends of your hair every 6-8 weeks prevents split ends, and keeps hair healthy.
There is NO way to repair split ends, so cut them as soon as possible!

My Routine: I check for split ends in my hair, and even if I don’t see any, I get my hair trimmed every 8 weeks to keep it strong.

#5. Limit use of heat styling.
Using straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons on your hair regularly can be extremely damaging.
Try wearing your hair natural more often, or if you do use heat on your hair, use a heat protecting spray.

My Routine: I almost never use heat on my hair!

#6. Massage your scalp for 2-5 mins every day.
This will stimulate blood flow to your scalp, making hair follicles more active.
If you take vitamins, massaging your scalp will bring those good nutrients to your hair follicles.
It also feels really good!

My Routine: I massage my scalp every night before I go to bed.

#7. Boar Bristle Brush.
Brushing your hair with a SOFT bristle, boar bristle brush distributes the natural sebum in your scalp throughout your hair.
This will help moisturize and strengthen your hair using the natural oils on your head.

My Routine: I brush my hair with my boar bristle brush every night on the days I don’t wash my hair.

#8. Split end protection serum.
Applying oil to the ends of your dry hair every day will help protect against damage and split ends.
This will NOT heal split ends, only prevent them.
Coconut oil, almond oil, and argon oil are great natural products for this, but you can also buy brand name serums.

My Routine: I apply a pea sized drop of Matrix Sleek Look Seal Serum to the ends of my hair every morning.

#9. Search and Destroy.
Go through the ends of your hair and find split ends; when you do, cut them off with a sharp pair of hair scissors.
This will keep your hair healthy, keeping you from needing haircuts as often, which lets your hair grow longer.
Hint: sit near a light source and place a contrasting piece of paper in the background of your ends to make locating split ends easier; use white paper for dark hair, and dark paper for light hair.

My Routine: I go through my hair about every other day and cut off any dead ends I find.

#10. Limit metal use in hair.
Using bobbypins and snap-in clips can cause hair breakage, so be gentle when putting them in and taking them out.
Only use hair ties without metal clasps as these are very likely to snap and pull hair when removing the hair tie.

My Routine: I never use bobby pins or clips because my hair is long enough that I don’t need to, and I use Goodie “Ouchless” hair ties when I put my hair up.